Challenging yourself to work from your mobile

I continue to benefit from being part of a tech community. When I read a question there or in social media, it motivates me to find an answer and learn from the discussion and ideas in the responses. I read a question Jeff Shuey posted to his followers asking how many Microsoft apps people had on their phones. One reply said they had recently changed from a Windows Phone to Android and weren’t yet a fan. Jeff and I both changed to iPhone almost a year ago and perhaps the very same hour, from our different locations around the world. One of the reasons I switched was because the Microsoft apps on iOS were receiving more attention from development. I wanted to see if I could be more productive from a mobile. It lead to speaking about mobile productivity at Microsoft’s largest tech event, Ignite 2016 in Atlanta. Who would have thought a Windows Phone zealot would be presenting and demonstrating completely from an iPhone at a Microsoft conference on mobile productivity?

I responded to the question on Jeff’s thread, sharing how I approached learning mobile productivity.

I found the fastest way to become a Microsoft mobile apps fan is challenging yourself to work from it for an hour or two.

  • Connect OneDrive to your Office 365 account and access your most recent documents and document libraries.
  • Try authoring or editing documents. The mobile apps of Word, PowerPoint and Excel are surprisingly full of features. When you need more formatting tools, open it on your PC or Mac and continue from where you left off.
  • Add a notebook and start capturing your thoughts and ideas.
  • Try attending the next Skype for Business meeting from the app.
  • Use the SharePoint app to interact with the team site for your current project.

Over time, challenge yourself to attend meetings with just your mobile. There are a few good ones around with a built in stand, as you see from my pictures above. Or get a case for your phone that can stand the phone up.

We can perform a lot of work from our mobiles now. Not just communicating, but collaborating, creating and coordinating. I’ll finish, leaving you with a few resources. Reflecting on my mobility journey, I feel like I discovered mobility all over again when I switched from Windows Phone to iPhone. I keep challenging myself to work more with just a phone. As I discover more, I’ll be sure to share my findings and combinations of what worked for me and what didn’t.