Format ideas for the “Office 365 Msg Center: The week that was” webcast

I was talking with Daniel Glenn this week about coming on the weekly Office 365 Msg Center recap. He can’t make it cause he has a full schedule, speaking and customer engagements. Dan asked why I run the Msg Center recap at the time I did. I said it was because it rounds out the week, Friday in the US and messages are still appearing most weeks. It’s during my Saturday in New Zealand. So I start my morning out with a coffee, reviewing the messages I have seen during the week and working out what I want to say about them. Sometimes, I can demo. Dan pointed out that it was during the US Friday evening. Most are trying to wind down and leave work behind them for the weekend. Only the die-hards are breathing tech after hours and willing to talk about it on weekend-eve.

This got me thinking. Does the recap really have to be on my Saturday morning/US Friday evening? Dan reckoned that US Monday, mid to late morning would work. What do you think?

We would also be recapping Msgs from the week before, potentially over 7 days old. That’s not such a big deal. A lot of O365 Admins aren’t even checking the Msg Center. Which is one reason I run the show – Awareness. Then I started playing with a new format in my mind. I want to try it out and run it past you.

  1. I create the page for the week at the beginning of the week.
  2. I create a Live Event on the RE:Office 365 YouTube channel (cough… subscribers please… cough) and embed it in the page, ready to run early the following week.
  3. I keep an eye out for messages during the week. Spend a few minutes understanding and investigating them. I discuss them on the Microsoft Tech Community and get a good sense of how they are being received by the observant few.
  4. I add to the published page, passing comment about each message.
  5. Early the following week (late Monday morning PST), I run the Live Event / YouTube Live stream with a guest.

Job done. Messages discussed. Cool real-world story from guest. Video embedded in the story for all time.

Whaddya reckon? That’s New Zealand speak for “What do you think?”

Here’s a couple of mock ups about how I think it could look/work, and here’s the first story trying out the format. Write a response and let me know. Comment on our Facebook page or respond here on Medium.

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