How to embed an Excel File in a modern SPO page!

As you know, for now we don’t have an Exel WebPart for SharePoint Online (SPO) pages…but this does not mean necessarily we cannot embed an Excel file in a modern page. In fact, we can do it as I will explain you in this post:

  • First thing you need is just an Excel file stoed in your SPO Site. Just clic on the file name so it’s displayed in Excel Online application. Then, do clic on “Share — Embed”.
  • In the Embed window that is displayed, just configure what elements of the book you want to show (full workbook or a range of cells) and grab the embed coded generated.
  • Create a new modern SPO page in the site and add an Emed WebPart to the page:
  • In the WebPart configuration panel, simply paste the embed code you grabbed from Excel Online:
  • If everything goes wel, you should see the excel file embeded in the modern SPO page:

Originally published at on October 10, 2017.

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