Office 365: How to add a shared mailbox to OWA!

As you know, in Office 365 we have the possibility to use shared Mailboxes as mechanism to make it easy for a group of people to monitor and send email from a common email addresses. A shared mailbox is automatically added to outlook as specific permissions on the mailbox are provide to the user…but: what about seeing a shared mailbox in OWA? In OWA, as happens with Outlook, you can add any shared MailBox where you have permissions:

  • Navigate to your OWA in Office 365 and select the Inbox folder in your Mailbox so a contextual menu is shown. From this menu you can add a shared Mailbox by clicking on the Add shared folder… option.
Adding a Shared folder in OWA
  • In the modal dialog that opens, search for the shared mailbox you want to add and then press the Add button:
Dialog to add the shared folder
  • Then, you will see the Shared Mailbox added to your OWA folder structure. Of course, you will be able to access to any e-mail sent to the Shared Mailbox and also send e-mails from it if you are granted to.
Result get once the shared mailbox is added.


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