Office 365 Message Center: The week that was Aug 14

Dan and I connect again to go through the Message Center. Our usual time happened to coincide with the viewing of the Solar Eclipse, so we shifted the webcast till later in the day/evening. I’ll be joining from Sydney, where I’m attending Digital Workplace Conference Australia with Loryan Strant. We’ll be interviewing a few speakers and conference attendees about their thoughts on digital workplaces. I’ll link to the story, once I get it created.

New feature: Expiring groups in Office 365 Groups. MC114929.

In public preview to Azure AD Premium customers, Admins breathe a sigh of relief. This feature will be developed further. For now, set the group life time and whether to apply it to All or Selected groups. Deleted groups can be recovered too, if the setting is too harsh. It would be good to see a policy approach here. Set different policies for different groups. Use a tag or AD data to filter and set expiry automatically for certain groups. Or flip it around and set an “inactivity threshold.” Expire the group after so many days of inactivity.

At any rate, it’s a welcome feature. Make sure you give your feedback in the comments of the support article. I must find where the UserVoice equivalent for Azure is.

New feature: Office 365 Groups unique mailNickname. MC114928

I must say, I haven’t come across this problem yet. How does one create an Office 365 Group with the same mailNickname? I don’t think you can do it via the UI, so it’s probably going to be a clash of synced AD vs user-created group. But here you go. A new feature to enforce unique mailNicknames. We can’t have collisions and mail delivery issues now, can we?

New feature: Shared status indicator for shared folders on OneDrive Web. MC113249

Looks like a reminder/repetitive message from last week. Not much more to say than “It’s still coming. Stay [really] Informed.”

We’re removing the alternate email address in Message Center Weekly Digest. MC113895

It’s all about field consolidation. There were two fields. No there will be one. Review your settings and enter the second email address in the same field, probably separated by a comma or semi-colon.

If you’re not receiving the weekly digest, it’s a good summary of the messages that have arrived in your tenant. But it’s not an excuse to stop watching our show.

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