Office 365 Message Center: The week that was Aug 28

Daniel Glenn is taking a well deserved break this week, spending his Labour Weekend fishing. This week: GigJam Preview retires, Outlook Add-ins arrive on Android, authentication token timeouts are extended and OneNote Online is update to become more like the desktop app.

Updated feature: OneNote Online MC117295

Get set to see the same style of navigation in OneNote Online as we have in OneNote app on Windows 10, iOS and Android. People using assistive technologies will also have a better experience of the new OneNote Online UI. Expected the rollout during early September.

Changes to the Token Lifetime Default in Azure Active Directory MC117085

I welcome this. I feel like I’m logging into Office applications and Office 365 too often. I have the same experience with OneNote notebooks stored in OneDrive consumer, which ask me to log in daily before they perform a sync. The authentication token lifetime is being extended to expire after 90 days of inactivity.

Updated feature: Outlook on Android Add-ins MC116504

Now Android owners who use Outlook can activate the Microsoft Translator add-in, or link their Evernote account so they can save an email to their notebook.

I do hope that more add-ins are developed though. If “Find a Time” meeting poll is added, I’ll be one of the first to install it!

Retiring GigJam Preview MC116468

It’s a pity that GigJam didn’t catch on. The concept was good. It wasn’t immediately obvious that a Gig was used in real-time. It felt like the capability should be something built into a Skype meeting, to be able to show only part of a document and redact content. Did GigJam advance other projects and technologies at Microsoft? Do we look for something entirely new at MSIgnite later this month? With the focus on Microsoft Teams for real-time, fast paced communication and collaboration, I’m looking for more developments in the apps for Teams.

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