Office 365 Message Center: The week that was July 31

In the first of our new format, we’re going to publish this page at the start of the week. I’ll add to it throughout the week, as messages appear in the Office 365 Message Center.

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This weeks guest is Daniel Glenn, the man who inspired the show’s new format. Complaints can be addressed to daniel@… 😉

New feature: SharePoint Links and Announcements lists

Modern experiences have been created for these list types. Though they are not to be used as web parts on the modern pages. It is recommended that Modern Quick Links and News web parts be used instead.

New feature: Manage guest access for Groups using allow/block lists

Limit the domains that can be invited to guest access in Office 365 Groups. For example, apply a list of partner domains that are allowed to collaborate in external access to an Outlook group. Domains that are not on the list will be prevent from using guest access to groups.

The feature is controlled using PowerShell. We typically see this when a feature is first rolled out. However, it would be very useful to maintain allow/block lists in a GUI, much like for Skype for Business Federation. The request has been bought up on the Microsoft Tech Community and Microsoft advise that a GUI interface is going to be developed. But no timeline can be given at this stage.

Update Feature: OneDrive and SharePoint Online sharing experiences

The sharing UI has been updated in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, and has completed the rollout of the web experience. Now the sync client will begin to receive the update.

Will this depend on having the Fall Creators update, to have selective sync? Or is this independent of selective sync?

Sync users on Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder will be able to use the same sharing experience that is available now for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online websites.

So it seems this update is coming out early? It’s not clear from the Message Center that it requires the Fall Creators update. It’s a good time to use that Additional Information link in the message. Make sure you understand the Link types, Anyone with this link, Only people in [tenant], Specific people.

New feature: Apps for Microsoft Teams

Tabs, Bots and Connectors are being renamed as “Apps.” We saw this direction earlier when Yammer gained Office 365 connected Yammer groups. I asked Angus Florance back then why they were called “Apps” and named differently to what Teams and Outlook groups called them.

Of more significance is a setting where Admins can new apps (tabs, connectors and bots) from being turned on by default.

An interesting discussion is being held in the comments of the post announcing the new feature, in the Microsoft Tech Community. The reaction has been overly positive. However a good point was raised that the 3rd party storage feature that was release in June, should also fall under the control of “turn off this new feature by default, till I’m ready.” For the most part, external apps bring information and interactivity into Microsoft Teams; information that may already be used and stored in 3rd party services such as Trello. However, 3rd party file storage is different in that it encourages team members to continue to store files outside of Office 365 and potentially shift them out. Watch this thread for more discussion and opinions on the topic

For more messages this week… stay tuned.

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