Office 365 Msg Center: The week that was Oct 1

We had all sorts of technical failures today. After a second attempt to stream, I have pulled this recording directly from Periscope. Apologies for the lower quality.

SharePoint Attention views

For content owners to find and fill out missing metadata for items and documents. It’s not really a feature that a regular end user would use. But it certainly makes it easier to fill out missing metadata. Also rolling out to First Release customers in Office Pro Plus is the return of a Document Information Panel. It was removed when InfoPath began to make it’s exit. The new DIP will at least make it easier for end users to enter metadata without having to go into the back-stage view to find the document properties. However, you do have to visit the View tab in Word to find it. I wonder if you can make it appear by default like we used to be able to with the InfoPath DIP?

Managing Groups from the Outlook mobile app

While I’m all for allowing people to create groups for collaboration, Dan and I both think that “fat-fingers” will cause some interesting spelling for groups created from Outlook mobile. We had a good question from Suzanne Hunt about whether groups controlled from Outlook mobile app will still be controlled using Azure AD policies.

That’s a fair question, given that we have seen in the past that you could create groups from Planner or even SharePoint Team sites, and get around group creation policies. We now expect that the policies managed from Azure AD will govern even groups created from the Outlook mobile app.

Moving from OneDrive legacy Groove.exe to the new OneDrive.

The old Groove.exe OneDrive sync client was still required for SharePoint on-premises and syncing IRM documents. Now that the new OneDrive sync client can also do this, this announcement advises that Groove.exe will be removed from Office Pro Plus. If your organisation still requires it, you can create a “PreventUninstall” registry key.

Flow Launch panel — for using Flow with SharePoint items.

Add values to your Flows before they run on SharePoint items. If an end user is required to enter information or make a choice, they can be prompted directly from the list or library.

Thanks again Daniel Glenn for making the time to record/stream a second attempt. We attracted more of an audience during this time too. 
See you all next week!

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