RE:Office 365 at the Digital Workplace Conference Australia

The Digital Workplace Conference starts today in Sydney. RE:Office 365 will be covering the event to bring you the stories and ideas to get your Digital Workplace started with Office 365.

  • Loryan Strant and I will talk with speakers about their sessions and get their thoughts on the digital workplace. Is it just a marketing term form something we already have? Or is there more to it?
  • I’ll try to Periscope Rebecca Jackson as she uses sketchnote magic to capture the key points in a session.
  • If I can find a few #DWCAU attendees brave enough to share their thoughts, I’ll Periscope these discussions too.

Follow along on Twitter @reoffice365 and Periscope @reoffice365


I’m building a list of sessions Loryan I will attend. We’ll take notes, pictures and create a story for each session on If we manage to talk to a speaker and some attendees of the session, we’ll embed the video too. The titles below will link to the stories.


Getting ready for the keynote, Loryan Strant introduces Rebecca Jackson and shows the rig I’m using to live stream the keynotes.

Ben Murphy attended my OneNote session and talked with me about how his team uses OneNote. Apologies for the video quality. Really interesting discussion though.

Rowena from University of Sunshine Coast was using OneNote to capture notes and share them live with team members who weren’t at the conference. At one point there were 4 others on the page with her.

Tom Foolery with Christian Buckley and selfie-stick/gimbal inception. John Liu shares his pocket HP printer. It’s a nice touch to print the selfie and share it with the subject.

The ‘elfie — a selfie framed to make the shortest person, the main subject of the photo.