Office 365: New Filters Pane is now generally available in modern SPO document libraries!

Microsoft has just released in modern SharePoint Online (SPO) document libraries the new Filters Pane that allows to apply smart filters in a very productive and intuitive way to any content stored in a modern document library:

  • In order to start using this new Filters Pane, just click on the Filter icon available at the document library actions bar:
  • This Filters Pane allows to apply filters based on default columns available in the document library. Each filter is represented using a visual control that is related to its data type. For instance, a date column is represented with a slider control:
  • And of course, we can add additional filters columns in the Filters Pane. To add a new filter column in the Pane, we only need to select this column in the document library view and then click on: Column settings –> Pin to filters pane.


Originally published at on March 7, 2017.

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