Where modern pages comments are stored?

As you know, SPO Communication Sites allow to create a special type of page called Post News that provide a comments area where any user can type comments about the post. But, where are these comments actually stored? This a great question and the answer is that page comments are stored in a hidden list you can discover by using SharePoint Designer 2013 (SPD 2013):

If you browse list details in SPD 2013, you will see that the list is storing comments information:

But here is where I have found a great challenge: so far I have not been able to access to comments information stored in the list no matter if I use a tool to easily access this information (CAL Designer or SharePoint Online Client browser) or some PowerShell coding.

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Update: Fortunately there is a way to get this comments by means of a REST call as you can read in the following article:


As you can read there, modern page comments are not stored in a list, they are stored in an independent data storage.

Originally published at jcgonzalezmartin.wordpress.com on August 31, 2017.

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